Photography is to me not only what is seen but rather what is being felt. It not only creates aesthetics and mummifies the time but it is a vehicle for sending messages, a field for play of the imagination and, most importantly - a closet for the philosophy of life.

Photography is an incessant search and only during brief moments we think we've found what we've seek.

This is an attempt to find answers and the questions could be asked by you, too.


 Southwestern University "Neofit Rilski", Blagoevgrad, Bachelor of Psychology

University of Plovdiv, "Paisii Hilendarski", Plovdiv, Master of Applied Photography

Awards from National Competitions and Contests:

"Bulgarian Photography Review" - 1991-2000

"Photofiesta" - 2003, 2005, 2008

"Stara Zagora - beautiful and inviting" - 2006 - 1st place in the professional category

“Climbing Guide BG” -  2006

"Photovacation" - 2007

"The light within" - 2007, 1st place

Photoplener "In the Orpheus' Mountain" - 2007, 1st place and the special award of the Academy of Photography

"Act Salon" - 2008, Sofia, 1st place

“National Geographic Bulgaria” – 2008, 1st award in category "Places"

"Nature and Photo Hunt" - 2008, 3rd place

"Bulgaria - popular tourist destination" - 2010, the special award, 2011-1st place, 2012 - award
Photo Contest of CITUB (Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in  Bulgaria) -
"The Face of Labor - 2013, 1-st place.

Individual Exhibitions - Fine Art Photography

2000 - Southwest University, Blagoevgrad

2003 - Bistro-gallery "Paparazzi", "Slavejkov" sq., Sofia

2004 - "Fhotofiesta" Plener, in the village of Lozenec

2009 - "VIK" Gallery, Stara Zagora, representative exhibition "The Light"

2009 - Open air exhibition, Dramatic Theatre, Stara Zagora

2009 - An exhibition under the tutelage of prof. Lautliev, Hindlian House, the Old Town Plovdiv

2010 - "Homo Ludens - The playful man" - The State Puppet Theatre, Stara Zagora

2012 - "Europe - ancient and modern, exhilarating and magical" - Mineral Bath Exhibition Hall, Sofia,

The Town Gallery, Old Town Nesebar, "Zahari Kniazheski" Library, Stara Zagora

2012 - Open air exhibition "55 Years Puppet Theatre of Stara Zagora", "6th of September" alley, Stara Zagora

2012 - "Charm of a Woman", Algara Gallery, Sofia


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